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The Strongest Immune support supplement available.

Potency of that described in Dr. Carlton’s letter
which overrides the standard.

Meeting FDA Guidelines

Our product meets FDA guidelines plus has 8 times the potency of that described in Dr. Carlton’s letter which overrides the standard medicinal protocol pertaining to the subject overnight recovery and immunology the microscope technology has improved over the decades and finer detail can be seen by more labs. Note 20% of doctors’ offices buy our product from additional certified suppliers. We happy to report that our first 12 people are still with us today  look up the Surgeon General letter on this web site we know; you find it of great interest.

· Original Immune support formula with 12-year track record.  · Maximum Bioavailability, 100% pure, no additives, no preservatives, no silver proteins. · PH optimized for a stable suspension with a long shelf life. · 100% money back guarantee

Product Description

(240 ppm) concentrated argentum solution (2oz.).

No residues, stabilizers, preservatives, no salts & no proteins, no added sugar.
No photo-sensitivity.

How To Take

Shake bottle vigorously. Initially 1 tsp. (approximately 5 droppers) under the tongue, hold for 5 minutes. Swallow along with 8 oz of water. Repeat the above after 6 hours (2 dosages on the first day). A single dose (as described) once a week thereafter. (REMEMBER 1 tsp. under the tongue ONCE A WEEK)

Potential Health Benefits

Some people claim that colloidal argentum can help treat bacterial, viral and fungal infections.


Proponents of colloidal argentum also claim that it can have antiviral effects in your body. Some studies have suggested that different types of argentum nanoparticles may help kill viral compounds (13 Trusted Source). However, the amount of nanoparticles in a colloid solution can vary, and a recent study found colloidal silver to be ineffective at killing viruses, even in test-tube conditions
(9 Trusted Source). No studies have investigated the effects of ingesting colloidal silver on viruses in people, so it lacks evidence to support its use in this way.


Before the discovery of antibiotics, colloidal argentum was a popular antibacterial treatment.
Test-tube studies have shown that colloidal argentum can kill a wide range of bacteria
(8 Trusted Source9 Trusted Source10 Trusted Source).
This has translated to its use in some healthcare products like wound creams, wound dressings and medical equipment
(7 Trusted Source11 Trusted Source).


Colloidal argentum is also said to be capable of treating fungal infections.
One test-tube study showed it may stop the growth of some strains of fungi
(14 Trusted Source).
However, many things can kill fungi in a lab, and this doesn’t mean that colloidal argentum can treat fungal infections in humans.
At the moment, there is little evidence to support the claim that colloidal silver is a reliable topical antifungal agent.
Additionally, no studies have investigated the effects of ingesting colloidal silver on fungal infections in humans.

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Safety and Side Effects

You’re environmentally exposed to extremely small amounts of argentum every day (15 Trusted Source).
It’s present in very tiny amounts in drinking water, the food supply and even the air you breathe.
As a compound, the argentum found in the environment is thought to be quite safe.
There is also the potential for argentum/silver allergy, although this is considered rare (7 Trusted Source).

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